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We did a lab today in class where we observed the effects of osmosis. We had two gummy bears in each of three cups, where each cup was filled with either vinegar, syrup, or water. We took the masses of the gummy bears to see if they shrunk or if they got bigger. In a question here, it states to create an illustration showing the movement of WATER across the gummy bear membrane for each solution (include appropriate labels). My question is, why does it say "WATER" specifically, if the gummy bears were put into vinegar and syrup also? Does anybody else understand this question? thx :-)

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It's interesting that there are other Websites online about this same experiment. Isn't there "water" contained also in syrup and vinegar? Here are the Websites:

    1. (PDF file to download):

    2. (PDF):

    3. (this one says it's an illustration):

    4. (well, if it's in here, I could NOT find it, but this might be handy for other experiments you do): http://www.studyplans.com/science.htm

    5. (PDF file saying it's the Gummy Bear experiment):


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