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International Business

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I have answer all question but i'm quiet understanding of centralization and decentralization.
Here is the website that i chose Barry Callebaut -barry-callebaut

After reading the profile i think the company is part of both but don't understand which side they lean more too. Would like more understanding.
Hear are is what the question that is associated with the above question:
1. What is the company's mission statement or overriding objective?
2. In which nations does it produce and market its products?
3. Are its production facilities centralized or decentralized?
4. Does it standardize products or adapt them for different markets?
5. What type of organizational structure does it have?
6. Which of the two types of international strategy does it seem to follow?
7. Does the company make use of work teams?

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    This company's vision (mission statement) definitely emphasizes decentralization. It's a worldwide company that uses a lot of team work.

    Go from there in answering the other questions.

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