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Part A asks for: A one or two paragraph description of the work's physical structure and any information about the author you may have discovered (ex. magazine title, author, date published).

---Keep in mind that I cannot write a bibliography/works cited. The teacher wants this specific layout and I have absolutely no idea how to write this as a narrative and as the first paragraph of my review.

Part C asks for: My verdict. Did the author achieve the goals set forth?

---My big problem here is that yes, he had goals, but I don't know if he achieved them.

Please help.

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    Part A. that is relative simple. One paragraph on the technique the author used to write the article. Is it satire; did he use statistics; how is it formatted?--- just a broad analysis of his writing style.
    In the second paragraph, write what you found out about the author....a general overview of who he is, what his influences are, what else he has written, anything interesting about his life.

    For Part C... 1. Tell what you believe his goals were. 2. Tell how you think he tried to meet those goals.
    3. Then the clincher... whether he met those goals are not depends on how YOU felt about the topic after you read the article. So, you are the only person who can say whether he met his goals are not. YOU are the JUDGE.
    So you would write: (blank) did or didnot met his goals for these reasons.

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