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college: zoology 251

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i am in zoology class plz someone help me with this homework question:

Question: Sequence the following event during the cardiac cycle, in right order.

1. AV valves open; aortic valve closed;ventricular filling occuring.
2. Blood ejected from the ventricle
3. atrial contraction
4. aortic valves open
5. sa node discharges
6. ventruclar filling complete
7. second heart sound
8. aortic valve closes
9. ventricular contraction begins. AV valve closes
10. Isovolumetric ventricular relaxation
11. Isovolumetric ventricular contraction.
12. First heart sound

  • college: zoology 251 -

    Please don't post the same question twice within a few minutes.

    This site may help you.

  • college: zoology 251 -

    that wasn't much of help. i aint stupid to not search for it. Can u plz answer my question

  • college: zoology 251 -

    If you post what you do know about the order of the cardiac cycle, we'll be glad to help you from there.

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