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Find the twelfth term of the geometric sequence: 1/16, 1/8, 1/4....

Common ratio: 1/2

I got the ratio by dividing 1/16 by 1/8 which gave me 1/2 and I divided 1/8 by 1/4 to get 1/2-----That is how I got a common ratio of 1/2.

In order to obtain the 12th term I think I messed up somewhere:

a12=(1/16)(1/2)^12-1 which gave me 3.05E

I don't think that is right but don't know where I went wrong.



  • Pre-Calculus -

    3.05 E-5 not 3.05 E

    Multiply by 1/2 11 times and the result is likely to be very small.

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