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Can someone help me with this problem and show the steps:

______ = 18


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    For the problem
    (4m-7)/2 = 18
    To solve for m:
    The object is to get a single m on one side of the equation.
    1. get rid of the denominator (2) on the left side by multiplying both sides of the equation by 2.
    That gives:
    4m-7 = 36

    Now add 7 to both sides to get just a term with n on the left.
    4m = 43

    Now divide both sides by 4 to get the value of m.
    m = ?

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    ______ = 18


    First, multiply both sides of the equation by 2.

    4m - 7 = 36

    Next, add 7 to both sides of the equation.

    4m - 7 + 7 = 36 + 7
    4m = 42
    m = 10.5

    You can check it by substituting 10.5 for m in your original equation.

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    m= 10 3/4
    thanks, now i understand

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    Good. I just found that I can't add. Of course 36 + 7 = 43.


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