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Can anyone help me with my Spanish homework?

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    If you post your questions here, and show what you think the answers might be, someone will be glad to help you.

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    Trabajo en un collegio pero no soy professor, visito a los ninos el la casa quien soy?

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    where is paco from?

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    Question for Johnny. Are you answering Cody's question or is this one of your own? If it is your question, please use "post new question" up top.

    un colegio (note spelling) is high school; is that what you mean, or do you want college?

    Don't forget the accent marks = niños. "el" la casa is probably "en" en la casa?

    You need some punctuation. ¿Quién soy? for example at the end.


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    como es u tipico para ti?what does it mean?!

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    well "como es Ud?" would mean "What are you like?" and "tipico para ti?" is "Typical for you?" but the two sentences, to me and the knowledge of spanish i have, shouldn't go together, first of all because even though Usted and Ti both mean you (ti = not so much), they're both in different forms, Ud. being formal and Ti, informal. What you put would translate as "What are you like typical for you?". If the u was a typo however, i guess it could mean "How is it typical for you?" or...Idk.

    Well at least I tried.

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