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My task is to find the thickness of a piece of tin foil. I cut out a square 100mm by 100mm. I weighed it's mass and got .65g Tin foil has density of 2.7...

So then
Volume = .65/2.7 g/cm^3
I get .24 g/cm^3
The teacher said to get my answer in millimeters so I converted this number into millimeters. I don't know if this is the right point to convert the value but I converted it here...

I got .24 cm = 2.4 mm
Volume also = l*W*H
sense I know that the length is 100mm and the width is 100mm I'm able to solve this problem by doing simple aritmetic...

2.4 g/mm^3=100*100*X

solved for X and got .ooo24mm

I'm questioning this because lots of other students who did this experiment got the same answer except it had more zeros before it.

For example some people got
and so on

So can some one tell me if i made a mistake


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