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Why are 2nd order consumers more likely to be affected by a toxin than 1st order concumers?

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    Herbivores each many plants, thus concentrating the toxins the plants absorb.

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    thank you soooo much!!!

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    "If animals also eat the organism that has been sprayed, they take in the poison. The animals may not die, but the poison builds up in the organs of its body. Because larger animals eat more food that may be affected with the poison, more poison is natuarally concentrated in the larger animal(s)."

    So, if second level carnivores eat the first level carnivores, they are getting that poison through the first level carnivores (herbovores) that ate the plants that were infected with insecticide. It stores up in their bodies. Since 2nd level carnivores normally are larger they get a bigger dose. I hope this helps!

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    Larry you're a legend!!^^^^

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