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I neep help on two questions!

A condition that occurs in multiple regression analysis if the independent variables are themselves correlated is known as:

1. autocorrelation
2. stepwise regression
3. multicorrelation
4. multicollinearity (I think this is the answer)

Multiple regression uses quantitative values to represent variables that are numeric in nature, but occasionally the use of qualitative variables are used to represent conditions of interest. In those cases, the researcher would use (circle one):

1. dummy variables (I'm thinking this one.)
2. systemic variables
3. non-systemic variables
4. insulating variables

Thanks for the help!

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    I am in your class. This is against the rules of this test "Debra". Screen shot posted and provided to instructor. Good luck on the test. It's amazing what a search on Google can do these days.

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    Why were you searching on Google as well?

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    Too Funny- Debra got caught. ;0)

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