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Please see if the translation of this paragraph is correct. If not, please give me suggestions. Thank you very much.

Canaima National Park is located in south-east Venezuela. Apart from the rivers and forests, the best known features of this park are its flat-topped mountain formations. El Salto Ángel, the tallest waterfall in the world, is Venezuela’s top attraction. Within the park, you can see wildlife or birds. You can also take hikes around the area. If I went there, I would like to sightsee all types of attractions.

El Parque Nacional Canaima es situado en Venezuela del sudeste. Aparte de los ríos y bosques, las mejores características conocidas de este parque son sus formaciones de montaña de portaaviones. El Salto Ángel, la cascada más alta en el mundo, es la atracción primera de Venezuela. Dentro del parque, usted puede ver fauna o pájaros. Usted también puede tomar las excursiones a pie alrededor del área. Si fui allí, querría hacer turismo toda clase de atracciones.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You've done a good job. Here are some corrections.

    Sentence 1 = El Parque Nacional de Canaima

    Sentence 3 = change "en" el mundo to "del mundo." (with the Superlative)

    Sentence 4 = la fauna o los pájaros (slightly better with the definite articles)

    The last sentence is a "si clause + conditional" and must be with the Past Subjunctive = Si fuera (you might add "yo" because the 1st & 3rd singular forms of the Past Subjunctive are identical) allí, querría ver toda clase de atracciones.

    ¡buen trabajo!


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    how do you say i am wearing a purple sweater with purple shirt and blue jeans?

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