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I am trying to write an essay:
Compare and contrast the develpment of Massachusetts, Virginia, and Pennsylvvania. Explain the similarities and differences of the reasons for founding, who settled each colony, and the success of the colony in relationship to the original goal. Also, pay attention to things like religion, demographics (who and where), founding, society, economics, and political development. Which colony, in your opinion was more successful and why?

I need help on how I should organize my paper and how to start it and a thesis.

Should my thesis be the first sentence of the introduction or last?

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    The first thing you need to do is to Take a sheet of paper and fold it into thirds. Write each state at the top of one of the thirds. THEN make notes on the similarities on one side and differences on the other side. Then decide what your opinion is as to why one of the colonies is more successful. From your notes you will be able to find at least 3 reasons you think that way. Organize your paper according to those reasons.

    This site will help you with your introduction and thesis statement.

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