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A car makes a trip due north for three fourths of the time and due south one-fourth of the time. The average northward velocity has a magnitude of 27m/s, and the average southward velocity has a magnitude of 17m/s. What is the average velocity, magnitude and direction of the displacem,ent vector

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    Assume t= 1 minute = 60 s.

    From v = d/ t, equation for d will be v.t

    Individually solve for d for north & south, you'll arrive at +1215 m for north displacement, and -255 m for south.

    Add these values to get total displacement. Answer for d sub t = +960 m.

    Thus the magnitude of displacement vector is 960 m, north direction (as indicated by the + sign).

    Solving for average velocity, use total displacement divided by the total elapsed time:

    +960m / 60 s = 16 m/s, direction is north (positive answer)

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