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Science & Art - Gr 12

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Invisibility. I've been reading all over the place about this, but mostly sensational. Some, however, state that the Government has been working on a sort of "invisibility cloat" for military, air force and marine tactics. But get this, it works on the basis that "light can be bent" ....

Insane hey!?! What are some of your professional thoughts about this? I am VERY interested to hear? And what would it take to say render myself completely invisible? --

Ok, I heard that the current technology isn't that advanced. That they can only render a cylindrical type object invisible.

BTW - The cloak works like this, if one can bend light around an object the objects is rendered invisible.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. :) Did you ever see the movie "The Invisible Man?" It would be fun to be invisible but it's scary to think of someone else "snooping" around!


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    Hey SraJMcGin,
    Haha, yes. It certainly does raise some questions! D:

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    Something like that might be possible as the fields of nanotechnology and optoelectronics progress. We already have analogous systems that (1) greatly reduce microwave (radar) cross sections airplanes by using absorbing materials and multfacted shaped that suppress reflections, and (2) suppress background noises with sound-cancellation headphones. What would have to be done is use wavelength-sized arrays of optical intensity and phase sensors on the backside of the object that one wishes to hide, and use them to generate a wavefront on the other side that would match the wavefront that would be there if there were no object. There is no fundamental physical reason this cannot be done, as technology advances. It would probably be limited to rigid objects, such as a cylinder.

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    I meant to write "multifaceted shapes" in the second sentence.

    The B2 bomber would be an example, for radar invisibility.

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    Awesome you guys.

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