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Hello, For this question in Act two line 91-93 when Esteban states It falls to nobleman to grant true honour those who have no honour cannot grant it. I need to explain the two and give examples: For true honour I have that but for the false honour I am not understanding what I need to put unless it would be about having beaten mengo in the play. I am not sure on this one. thanks

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    It's interesting that you use the British spelling of honor!

    The Comendador has told them they must be seated. Often that is because of ego that one might want everyone to be seated, thus making them subservient. Just looking at lines 91-93, I'm wondering if Esteban is replying to that idea. In any event, it's clear the Comendador is NOT an honourable man. The word "honor/honour" implies ethical conduct, showing respect and esteem. The Comendador has definitly not done that.

    What is false honour? This would be any action arising out of anger, or created through vice, not virtue. That's probably why so many duels were fought in that era. Today, to me, that's what "machismo" represents.

    Esteban says honor belongs to the good, not to those who have no honor.

    Actually there are many examples where the Comendador shows his lack of respect for everyone in the village.

    I hope this clarifies it a bit for you. Did your teacher give you these questions? They are NOT simple!


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    Yeah teacher gave us this questions, and its not simple at all

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