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consider k(t)=(e^t)/(e^t-7) on[-7,7]

Is this function continuous on the given interval? If it is continuous, type "continuous". If not, give the t -value where the function is not continuous.

The function is not continous and it is not continous on 7 (which is the t=value). Am I right?

  • Calculus -

    when t=7, your denomintor is e^0 which is 1, the numberator is e^7, so you would have a value of

    e^7/1 or e^7

  • Calculus -

    Is your denominator ((e^t)-7) or (e^(t-7))? The difference is important: if it's the first of these, the function would be discontinuous at t=ln(7). If it's the second, then it's not discontinuous over the range given.

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