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I am suppose to write a paragraph with details. Could you explain writing with details.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In a standard paragraph, there are usually 5 sentences. The first sentence states what you are going to write about. The last sentence summarizes is and the 3 in the middle need details to "proove your point" if that's what you are doing. Is it the word "details" that you don't understand? Use adjectives describing the noun, for example.


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    To write a paragraph in detail is pretty easy. Just add description words and adjectives. It's better not to over do it and add five adjective per sentence- there should be a maximum of maybe two/three decribing things in a sentence. Try to vary the lengths of your sentences as well.

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    I have heard that a paragraph is generally five to six sentences in length but can extend up to seven.

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