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i need help!!!

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probability and statistics

a z score is z = x - xbar divided by s
which is standard deviation
s = 6.36
x = ?
xbar = 54.8
the x is all the data sub. from 54.8 individually which i came up with 1.2 and divided it by 6.36 and the number is .1886.....and the answer in the back of the book is -2.05 so my answer is wrong do you think you could the answer with this information?

  • statistics -

    First, it is better to title your post with the subject area, in this case, statistics.

    "xbar" = mean

    You need either the value for Z or x to solve your equation. From your description, I'm not quite sure what you did.

    However, Z = .1886 is very close to the mean, less than a standard deviation away.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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