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I posted this before with my answer as the one being wrong as b, but that was wrong. CAn someone explain to me the one that doesn't make sense out of the four.

a. The private hospital has never been accredited....
b. The crew's incompetent performance on the trip suggest we shouldn't accredit its report of bad sailing conditions as the cause of the accident.
c. the school lost its accreditation...
d. I accredit my success to luck and determination

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    Personally, I think all of the sentences are correct. According to this dictionary, "credit" is a synonym for "accredit," thus making all of them correct. Please ask your instructor for an explanation.


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    Kayla, D is the answer. The correct sentence should be "I credit my success to luck and determination". That answer is probably in response to the question "who do you give credit to for your success?"

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    Nick is probably right -- although I could argue the point. Doing a little more research, I found these explanations of the two synonoms, accredit and credit.


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    ok thanks- i think i understand why it is d now! WAs C the answer to this one- I posted it before but in one of my sentences i used the wrong form so can someone please double check

    a. Native peoples of the American northwest shared a pantheistic belief in manitous, good and bad spirits.....
    b. the Roman empire practiced pantheism in its acceptance of all the gods.....
    c. A complete pantheist, she excels in sports, academics....
    d. According to Greek pantheism, gods lived in pools.....

    My answer- c?

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    Yes. C is wrong -- so it's the correct answer.

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