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How do you say "rock" in spanish? I mean like rock the music.


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The word "rock" in English is slang and therefore not translatable from language to language. You'll have to find another term. One word you might use is "chévere" which is like "fantastic, terrific, etc."


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    No I meant the music, as in rock and roll.

    It is a type of music, which I'm not sure how to say!

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    Apparently, the French have not translated "rock" into French, so this kind of music in France is known as "rock."

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    Oops! I should learn to read the difference between French and Spanish!

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    Aha! If you meant the adjective, that's what I gave you first. If you mean "rock-'n-roll" as a noun, that is "el rock."


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    ha ha

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