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Survey of Calculus (Algebra too)

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For the supply equations, where X is the quantity supplied in units of a thousand and P is the unit price in dollars, (A.)- sketch the supply curve and (B.)- determine the price at which the supplier will make 2000 units of the commodity available in the market.

P= x^2 + 16x + 40

**Please help me! I have tried to figure this out using the supply = demand way but I cannot figure it out!

I tried to factor it also, but there is no way it can. My graph did not match up with the Y-intercept either. I am so lost!

  • Survey of Calculus (Algebra too) -

    This is not a supply = demand problem. You are given the relationshup between supply (x) and price (P).

    The supply (in units of 1000) is x = 2.
    The corresponding price is
    P = 2^2 + 16*2 + 40 = 76

    P can also be written
    P = (x + 8)^2 - 24
    but is meaningful for positive x only.
    That may help you when plotting a graph of P(x).

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