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a spherical ball requires approximately 900cm2 of material in order to make it. Find the volume of the ball : The volume is 2579.325cm3


The ball is sold in a rectangular prism shaped box. What percentage of the volume of the box is taken up by the ball?

Please help me =)

  • math -

    You evidently found r from the area using
    4 pi r^2 = area = 900
    volume = (4/3) pi r^3 = (4 pi r^2) (r/3)
    = 900 * (r/3)
    the volume of the box is (2r)^3 if the sphere just fits in the cube
    so the percentage= 100 * (volume of sphere/(2r)^3)

  • math -

    100 * (4 pi r^3 /24 r^3)
    = 400 pi/24 = 52.4 %

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