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algebra 2

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A stadium has 49,000 seats. Seats sell for 25 dollars in Section A, 20 dollars in Section B, and 15 dollars in section C. The number of seats in Section A equals the total number of seats in Sections B and C. Suppose the stadium takes in 1,052,000 dollars from each sold out event. How many seats does each section hold?

  • algebra 2 -

    Let section B has x seat , section C has y seat.
    section A has (x+y)seat
    (x+y)+x+y =49000
    x+y = 24500 equation1
    25(x+y)+20x +15y = 1052000 equation2
    9x+8y= 210400 equation2
    solving eqn.1 & eqn. 2 by substitution method you will get
    section A =24500
    section B =14400
    section C= 10100

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