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a test liquid has a density of 1.1g/mL. when you pour some of it into a cup of water, what will happen?

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    Okay, so it's slightly more dense than water, so the obvious answer is that it'll sink to the bottom of the cup. But wouldn't what the test liquid actually IS have a bearing on what happens? Suppose it ignites or vaporizes on contact with water? Suppose it's so hot that the water immediately boils, or so cold that the water immediately freezes? Suppose the test liquid is water another substance dissolved in it - would they mix? Just a few thoughts to be going on with...

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    How many gramd of the mixed oxide,Fe3O4,are formed when 6.00g of O2 react with Fe according to


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    Post your question above, not below another question.

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    Density of water: 1.0 g/mL

    If an objects density is greater than water density, it will sink in water.
    If an object's density is lower than water density, it will float in water.

    Now, what will the liquid do? (I think you can figure it out from what I said above) If not, you can ask.

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