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4. In "The New Colossus," the Statue of Liberty is compared to alan
A. European queen. C. immigrant. B. mother. D. door

7. Describing the chariot that bears the human soul as "frugal" is an example of A. paradox. C. epiphany.
B. denotation. D. realism

9. Who is the speaker in Sandburg's "Grass"?
A. A conductor B. A passenger
C. The grass D. Napoleon

10. Which one of the following poems depends heavily on the use of allusion for effect?
A. "God's Grandeur" C. "Grass"
B. "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night" D. "Death, Be Not Proud"

12. Which poet, who seems be using iambic pentameter, bends the meter most?
A. Emily Dickinson C. Gerard Manley Hopkins B. John Donne D. Emma Lazarus

13. Which one of the following elements is characteristic of the poem "Richard Cory"?
A. Surprise ending C. Lack of rhyme scheme B. Blank verse D. Sonnet form

14. Which one of the following poems is an English sonnet?
A. "The Red Wheelbarrow" (Great Short Poems, page 48)
B. "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" (Great Short Poems, page 44) C. "Into My Own" (Songs for the Open Road, page 17) D. "Travel" (Songs for the Open Road, page 35

17. In "Death, Be Not Proud," the speaker is addressing his words to
A. his father. C. Death. B. an old man. D. God.

18. What is the rhyme scheme in "How Ooth the Little Crocodile" on page 29 of Great Short Poems?

19. Which one of the following poems is written in free verse?
A. "Grass" C. "Death, Be Not Proud" B. "There Is No Frigate Like a Book" D. "God's Grandeur"

20. Which one of the following lines is written in iambic pentameter?
A. "I lift my lamp beside the golden door"
B. "When the proofs, the figures, were ranged in columns before me" C. "Not that the pines are darker there" D. "And sorry I could not travel both"

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    Please do not expect us to do your homework for you. After you answer these questions, we will be happy to make suggestions/corrections.

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    my answers

    4. b 7. d 9. a 10. b 12. b 13. d 14. b 17. c 18. b 19. c 20. c

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