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Do one believe one’s sense of beauty is intrinsic or learned? What influence do the media and one’s peers have on the concept of beauty? What other factors influence the perception of attraction?

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    A sense of beauty is both intrinsic and learned, in my opinion. We all know very artistic people, while others aren't at all creative or artistic. On the other hand, what appears beautiful to you may not be beautiful to me. In our culture, slim people are considered attractive, while in some cultures, fat is beautiful.

    What do you think?

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    I actually agree with you. Beauty is what one make of it to me. In my culture beauty is all shapes and size.

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    From the time one is tiny, parents (and others) influence ones sense of beauty. Reading a book or looking at a view, a parent will say, "Isn't that beautiful." So I believe most of a child's sense of beauty is "learned", culture derived.
    However, two children from the same family will have entirely different tastes in beauty - music, art, etc. So even though they receive the same "learning", their senses respond differently... so therein lies the intrinsic response. In addition, children from totally non-artistic parents may be very artistic ( and visaversa)

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    You have already received some excellent responses. However, I hope I can add to their information.

    I hate to burst your bubble, but beauty essentially is average. In judging faces, variations from the norm are seen as less beautiful. In an experiment (which I cannot identify), subjects were asked to rate the beauty of photos of women's faces. As the computerized images were combined, the women were judged as being more beautiful. Symmetry between both sides of the face seems to be one factor.

    As an amateur photographer, I have photographed many faces. When I got a woman that I considered very beautiful, I found it very hard to to look at her image to identify her as an individual. She lacked the unique variations that help us to identify others.

    Initial attraction is greatly influenced by one's perception of physical beauty, but the importance of beauty typically declines greatly as the relationship develops.

    Standards of beauty vary from culture to culture and era to era. During the Renaissance, a full-figured woman was the ideal. In the U.S. a couple of decades ago, super thin was "in." Currently a more "fit" figure is influencing the standard. However, many women are still obsessed with being thin.

    As an added aside, if your name is not a pseudonym, for your own protection, just use your first name in the future.

    I hope this helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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    PsyDAG, although you wrapped it up and eventually gave some good advice I must say your post was overall irrelevant and didn't burst any bubbles. First off, the question is based on what a person believes, therefore what bubble are you busting? Second of all, the question and your first two paragraphs have absolutely no relevance and clearly showed that your basic attention to detail is not one of your traits. Which by the as a professional model, is a must when I or a client is choosing a photographer.

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    Can you please tell me exactly what intrinsic means ? I am looking it up online and I still cannot understand the definition.

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