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book review repost

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Just a start I just need to get the actual review down.

"Boy With a Gift and Curse"
By Jon Blank

The Rocking-Horse Winner is a chilling tale of a young boy who desperately wants to rid the house of unluckieness and please his family

In "The Rocking-Horse Winner," a young boy, Paul, perceives that there is never enough money in his family, he sets out to find a way to get money through luck. He discovers that if he rides his rocking-horse fast enough, he will somehow "know" the name of the winning horse in the next race. He begins to make money and secretly funnel this money to his mother, but the desire for more money only grows more intense instead of going away. He finally rides his rocking-horse so furiously in order to discover the winner of the Derby that he falls into illness and dies, just as the winning horse earns his family an enormous fortune.

  • book review repost -

    You have summarized the plot. This is not a book review.

    Please go back and reread the linked webpage I sent you earlier. You must do far more than simply summarize the plot!

  • book review repost -

    That wasn't suppose to be the actual review

  • book review repost -


    You've simply copied and pasted your so-called review from this site. That's plagiarism.

    Please follow Writeacher's advice and carefully read the web page she linked.

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