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algebra ll

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the system of equations y=2x - 3 and y=4 x -3 has: here are the mutiple choices :exactly one solution, no solution, infinitely many solutions , exactly two solutions which one is it and choose the description of the system of equations x plus 2y=7 and 3x - 2y=5 the mutiple choices are consistent and independent or consistent and dependent or inconsistent, inconsistent and dependent

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    What do you think and why? The purpose of these multiple choice algebra equations is to get you to think.

    The first pair of equations, if graphed, would result in two intersecting straight lines. That should give you a clue as to the answer.

    In the second question. "inconsistent" means that if one equation is true, the other cannot be true. "dependent" means you can derive one from the other. Independent means that you cannot. You decide which terms apply.

  • algebra ll -

    i got your clue on the first one but the second i still don't understand could you help me out please

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