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Please help me with these AP CHEM homework problems problems and show me the steps:

Mass per Volume Results for Titrations: Determine the mass per volume results requested in the following problems.

#23) A particular water supply is found to contain 0.000160 MAs, what is the concentration as milligrams As per liter of water?

#26) A sample if blood is analyzed for total calcium, the result (0.00236 Mcalcium) is very near the middle of the normal range for adults (8.5-10.5 mg/dL). Use unit conversions to determine the milligram per deciliter (mg/dL) concentration of calcium in the 0.00236Mcalcium blood sample?
1000 milligrams = 1grams
10 deciliter = 1 liter

  • AP CHEM -

    For #23, what is an MA?
    For #26, what is the nature of your trouble?

  • AP CHEM -

    Also, for #23, you can't convert to mass without a molar mass somewhere.

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