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finance 2 questions

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9. When Patricia sells her General Motors common stock at the same time that Brian purchases the same amount of General Motor's stock, General Motors receives:

A. The spread between the bid and ask of the transaction
B. The dollar amount of the transaction, less brokerage fees
C. Only the par value of the common stock
D. ANSWER Nothing

I think General Motors gets nothing because no new stock was created/issued and the stock was sold and bought for the same price.

11. With a Subchapter S corporation

A. ANSWER Corporate income is taxed as direct income to stockholders
B. Stockholders have the same liability as members of a partnership
C. The number of stockholders is unlimited
D. Life of the corporation is limited

an S corporation is similiar to a C corporation except for the double taxation and public/private .....and S corporation has less then 75 stockholders. The S corporation is taxed once on individual income tax....C corporation is taxed twice....once as a corporation and again on individual income tax

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