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The path of a basketball can be modeled by the equation h(d)=-0.13d^2+d+2. where h(d) is the height in meters or the basketball and d is the horizontal distance in meters from the player. How far does the ball travel horizontally before hitting the floor?

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    You need to find the solutions for


    How you tackel it will depend on where you are with your maths. You could graph it (e.g. use Excel), guess values and slowly get closer to the answer or use the general equation to solve a quadratic.

    For the latter:


    I get approximately 9.35 metres

    but check my working.

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    mario teaches science workshops .he is presenting an activity on falling objects. when mario drops a ball, it bounces back up to two thirds of the height from which it was dropped. mario starts by dropping the ball from a height of 135cm. determine the height of the third bounce.

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