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The recommended dose of a paticular drug is 0.1 gram/kg. How many mg of the drug should be given to a 50 pound patient?

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    1 kg is equivilant to about 2.2 lbs. So if you would give 0.1 g per kg, you would convert this to lbs which would give you approx. 0.045 gram/lb. Now simply multiply. 0.045 x 50 = 2.25 grams. =)

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    1kg= 2.20462262pounds

    50 pounds x (1kg)/(2.20462262pounds)= ____ kg

    take that value above and plug it into
    this equation to find out how many grams need to be administered

    _____kg x(0.1g)/(kg)= _____g need to be administered

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