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Ms Sue would you please read my essay and see what you think and feel free do change anything that you want.Here is my essay:

What's the real reason why oil and gas prices keep going up? Is due to the less output of oil and gas by the Arab Country and oil and gas is the life blood of industry. Everyone needs oil and gas for there economy boast. Petroleum costs are continuing to rise. Maybe we want see $30 barrels of oil but I've heard one economist say that $50 is possible.

People keep using them more and more up so there is less resources for us to share. The less resources we have, the more rare they get. The rarer they get the higher the prices go up. It's harder for the companies to get thses, that's why it is so high. We are running out so they got less so htye sell it at a higher prices so less people are willing to buy it.

One of the top oil industry "watchers" for oil said this week that they have seen oil going to $200 a barrel, a"super sppike" in the near future. That would mean $6.00 a gallon at the pump in the United States.

Everyone still has to buy gas, we have to get to work and back, to chool and back, ect. It is not doing any good and it is effecting everyone because it is causing everything to go up! ?Before long it won't be worth going to work, so things that need to get done won't be getting done because no one can afford to get to work. Children won't be able to get to school and back as much.

We paid $3.88 a gallon yesterday morning and we passed by the same gas station in the afternoon and it was $3.91. I heard on the news that $5 gallon is not out of the question.It is more than likely comming, I do not think getting another president will help, I do not know what will happen.

Ten or twelve dollars a gallon and skys the limit when it comes to oil company profits they will go until they have taken all that the market will bear. The line has already been crossed for some people where they just cannot afford to drive a vehicle, even one that has good MPG and there is the secondary effects relating to food and home heating costs that have to be faced come next winter. I see big changes coming and they will not be because of obamanation.

Gas prices are visual reminders of how dependent Americans have become to automobiles. We will pay any price to keep our beloveded cars on the road.

I think the economic consequences of the price of fuel has barely begun to have an impact at this point. As time goes on it will be a disaster, especially for the average workers. I think there is plenty of oil but the speculations and futures are making the price go up that should be regulated.

Ridiculous we have to find alternate means for fuel. There are so many other choices better for the people and the evironment. Where will it end. It has to stop somewhere. They go up everyday and we would like an explaination but no one on tv seems to be giving it.

There is no regulation, gas prices will be whatever the market can bear. Profits are enormous, yes and CEOs and other high-level exces pull in huge incomes. They get that money for dooing a good job )Aka raising the prices as the little guys do all the work).

Why have oil stock prices lagged way behind the increase in the price of oil and the price of gasoline and the record profits of oil companies. Oil companies are clamoring for rights to drill offshore. They already have approval to drill 30,000.000 acres off-shore and they have not touched any of it. U.S Economy clipped by oil Hedge Funds.

It has been obvious that in the international market the consumption of oil and gas is increasing day by day. It is due to the fact there are numerous more advancements in the field of science and technoklogy so we have more requirements. Despite of all these facts we have limited resevers of gas and oil in many countries so impor usually results in the facts. All we can do is to pray for betterment and wait for a miracle.

Our energy future is extremly imp[ortant to everyone with costs increasing by double digit amounts almost daily.

When asking about the price of anything, the answer is always"Supply and Demand". The demand for fuel is higher. The supply is limited.

There are some isues fairly unique to fuel prices. For example, risk premiums. Even though there has not been a successful,large-seale attack against petoleum producers,exporters, or refiners yet, the possibilty of such an attack is still greater than it was ten years ago. Investors incompaines who are at risk of such attacks demand greater profits to balance out the possibilty that their revenue stream may be damaged by such an attack.

A second issue may be the gasoline refineries in the United States have a real or perceived bottleneck, which constricts supply and increase prices. The degree of price control may have only been realized following Hurrican Katrina.

Are the gas prices high because of the Democrates?
1. The truly basic cause of high gas
2. The stock market especially the marketing of futures; which is no more than gamboling that prices will go up.
3. They are gamboling with world prosperity; for investers in comodaties to win, prices must go up; to the detrement of all civilization.

Gas prices are so high in America because the U.S. is very dependent on forigen oil.

Certainly there is more demand for oil. especially from China and India. There is also instability in some oil-producing regions. People are essentially investing in oil because the price is going up.

However; not many new firms are entering because there is a lot of barriers to entry. In addition, there is a fair bit of collusion(legal collusion) that keeps prices high. As londg as the oil companies get along with each other they can all make huge profits. As soon as one company lowers their prices or decides to actually treat consumers like humans, there is a price war and we win. However; when things stabalize again the price goes up and they once again keep winning. As long as people need oil there will be companies willing to charge them for it.

Oil prices have gone up, yes but in Canda at least no new refiners have been built in decades. The number of gas stations,ect.has remaind relatively constant do thier operating costs are pretty much the same. However despite this a marginal increase in oil prices has led to a massive increase in fuel prices it is like a license to print money.

please read and see what you think. You can change anything that you want.

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    I'll read it and get it back to you within an hour.

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    thank you

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    What is the thesis statement for your essay?

    Have you read your essay? Have you proofread it? Why would you post such a mishmash of ideas, typos, and grammatical errors for the public to attempt to read?

    In the first two paragraphs I found more than 17 errors.

    What's the real reason why oil and gas prices keep going up? Is it due to delete the less output of oil and gas by the Arab countries? New sentence: Oil and gas are the life blood of industry. Everyone needs oil and gas for their economy boast (<<What word do you mean here?. Petroleum costs are continuing to rise. Maybe we want tosee $30 barrels of oil, but I've heard one economist say that $50 is possible.

    People keep using them What do you mean by "them?more and more Delete "up" so there are less resources for us to share. The less resources we have, the more rare they get. The rarer they get, the higher the prices go Delete "up." It's harder for the companies to get thses,<<what??? that's why it<<what?? is so high. We are running out so they <<who is "they"? got less so htye <<? sell it at a higher prices so fewer people are willing to buy it.

    After you've written a thesis statement, slowly read your essay aloud to catch missing words, used a spell check for typos and misspelled words, and given your essay more thought, I'll be glad to read it again.

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