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Introduction to Healthcare

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Measuring the quality of care is essential to being able to identify which areas of patient care need improvement. A positive patient outcome is one measure of quality. What role do health care workers play in determining quality care?

  • Introduction to Healthcare -

    What does your text say about the role of health care workers in determining quality care?

    Since you're studying to be a health care worker, it's important that YOU answer this question, showing what YOU've learned.

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  • Introduction to Healthcare -

    Healthcare workers had a big part in determining quality care. They are there to oversee, treat, diagnosis, support and advice the care of patients. Unfortunately a lot of healthcare worker do not give quality care. To them, it is just a job with a monthly paycheck. Although there are a few doctors and nurses who do quality care because they love to help and genuinely care for their patients. For some it is their way of doing something gratifying. To others it is an inconvenience but is what they were paid to do.
    Base of what this student had learned so far in this class and while researching on many assignments regarding the healthcare systems, affordable, long-term care and quality care are always the first topic to be mention. This student believed that the first areas of patient care that required the most improvement would be the elderly. The second areas of patient care that need improvement are the middle class citizens and the poor citizens of each states. “Rather than paying less for health care, we should pay more wisely by encouraging providers to do more of what they should be doing and less of what is wasteful” (Cutler, 2006). This student believed that this statement make by David Cutler are somewhat questionable. He believed that compensating physicians for the quality of the services they perform can limit the incentives for overused care while increasing the incentives for prevention. David Cutler also stated that paying smarter for care by paying for performance rewards the provision of good care over bad care, and offers the potential for great improvements in the value of medical care, significantly better health outcomes, and perhaps lower spending. This student would agree that some of these statement made by Dr. David Cutler might be from the perspective of the provider in contrast to how they received reimbursement from third party payor and the government.
    “From the perspective of someone receiving personal care services (PCS), the most basic quality issue is straightforward” (Kassner, 2006). Enid Kassner seem to think that while many factors influence the adequacy and stability of the workforce available for delivering PCS, growing evidence shows that the wages and benefits paid to personal care workers play a fundamental role in determining the quality and quantity of workers. This student believed that almost all of this statement is somewhat true in regarding to getting quality care. This student believed that this why the rich received the best care because they able to paid for the best care and the poor received minimum care only.

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