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1. The Puritans changes English society when they took power by:
a)requiring all to attend church services three times a day
b)outlawing newspapers and entertainment
c) banished all catholics from england
d) none of the above

I chose b.

2. The tone of "Song" can best be described as:

I chose b.

3.The theme of the poem "Song" differs from the themes of the Renaissance poetry in that "Song":
a) does not idealize women on love
b) believes women are strong and intelligent
c) praises the mind of a woman, not the beauty
d) both b and c

I chose a.

4. The poem is called "Easter Wings" because:
a) easter is a time of cleansing
b) Easter is in spring and springtime is a time of renewal
c)wings are symbolic of heavenly beings
d) easter commemorates christ dying for our sins and herbert feels easter gives him wings and the ability to be saved and go to heaven

I chose d.

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    "Song" by Donne
    "Easter Wings" by George Herbert

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    #1... I find no evidence on any of those changes in English society under the Puritans.

    #2 and #3... I agree with you.

    #4 of the choices there, d would be the best. This site has a better analysis.

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    You are totally welcome!

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