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The line through (2,-3) and parallel to 2x+5y=3.

The line through (2,-3) and perpendicular to 2x+5y=3.

I just can't remember how to solve either of these kinds of problems and i can't find my notes on the subject.

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    The slope "m" of the first line must be -2/5. You get that by rewriting
    2x + 5y = 3 as
    y = -(2/5)x + 3/5

    The slope "m" of the second line must be 5/2, because the product of the slopes of the two lines must be -1.

    When you know the slope m and the point x1, y1 that the line goes through, the equation of the line can be written
    (y - y1)/(x - x1) = m

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