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A child’s perception of self varies by age and emotional development. As a professional, it is important that you recognize a child’s self image as it relates to his or her development. How do strategies that promote a healthier self-image differ as a child matures from early childhood to middle childhood and into early adolescence? Why?

What qualifies as an emotional disorder? Explain which emotional disorders are most common in children. How might these emotional disorders impact a child's development and learning?

i need some help on therse

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    Dawn, please find out what your text materials say about children's self images and strategies for promoting healthy self-concepts.

    What does your text say about emotional disorders in children?

    These are such complex subjects that many, many books have been written about them. It's best for you to learn what your text authors have presented.

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    Prayer in public schools is the subject of seemingly
    endless debates. As a teacher, you will probably be
    asked to offer an opinion or be asked to include a moment
    of silence in your classroom. Now is the time for
    you to prepare your position. Certainly, you have a
    personal position as to whether prayer should be permitted/
    encouraged/required in public schools. On one
    page, list the key points in your personal position.
    Then review the position of the courts as outlined in
    this chapter. Is personal position consistent with
    legal precedent? Annotate your list to indicate which
    points are supported or refuted by law.

    I do not understand what they want

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    The assignment asks you for your opinion about prayer in the public school. Should it be permitted or encouraged or required?

    1. On one page, list the key points of your opinion.

    2. Then, go back and read in your text about how the courts have ruled about prayer in the public schools.

    3. Finally, add notes to your page with your opinion, showing where you agree or disagree with the laws about school prayer.

    Some things to think about:

    Should teachers and/or students pray out loud? Should they demand or expect that others pray along with them? If so, which prayers should they use? Protestant Christian? Catholic Christian? Evangelical Christian? Mormon? Hindu? Buddhist? Jewish? Muslim?

    Are silent prayers permissible? What about a "moment of silence?"

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    The limits and boundaries of the First Amendment in relation to public schools
    have been and will continue to be tested in the courts, especially in relation to
    religion. Several cases have dealt with the teaching of creationism and evolution,
    the practice of religion, and the
    religious use of public facilities.
    Each case has contributed to a gradual
    process of clarification of what
    can and what should not be done to
    ensure the separation of church and
    state. Table 6.3 is a summary of U.S.
    Supreme Court judgments in some of
    these cases.
    PRAYER IN SCHOOL A number of attempts
    have been and continue to be
    initiated by school districts to incorporate
    some form of prayer into public
    school classrooms and activities.
    One such case began when the school
    district for Santa Fe High School, in
    Texas, adopted a series of policies
    that permitted prayer initiated and
    led by a student at all home athletic
    games. In June 2000, the U.S.
    Supreme Court ruled in Santa Fe In- dependent School District, Petitioner v. Jane Doe that the clear intent of the district
    policies was in violation of the establishment clause. The six-to-three majority
    observed, “the District, nevertheless, asks us to pretend that we do not
    recognize what every Santa Fe High School student understands clearly—that
    this policy is about prayer.” Later in the decision, the Court noted, “This policy
    likewise does not survive a facial challenge because it impermissibly imposes
    upon the student body a majoritarian election on the issue of prayer.” In other
    words, the district would be imposing a particular religious activity of the majority
    on all, a clear violation of the establishment clause. “It further empowers
    the student body majority with the authority to subject students of minority
    views to constitutionally improper messages. The award of that power alone, regardless
    of the students’ ultimate use of it, is not acceptable.” In concluding, the
    Court stated, “the policy is invalid on its face because it establishes an improper majoritarian election on religion, and unquestionably has the purpose and creates
    the perception of encouraging the delivery of prayer at a series of important
    school events.”
    In an attempt to clarify what is and is not permissible in relation to prayer
    and other religious activities in public schools, the U.S. Department of Education
    has published a set of guidelines for religious expression. Points from these
    guidelines are summarized in Table 6.4.

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    Scooby -- what is your question about this lengthy quote?

    Please post your question about it by clicking Post a New Question.

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    If I an not against prayer but think it shouldn't be require, What are the key points of my opinion?

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