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a person on roller skates stands next to a wall and pushes the wall with a force of 25 N.if the person has a mass of 50 kg what is the acceleration?
a. zero
b. 0.5 m/s/s
c. 2 m/s/s
d. 4 m/s/s

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    They are asking for the acceleration of the skater, not that of the wall (which does not move).

    F = 25 N is applied TO the skater by the wall, and there are no other significant horizontal forces applied to her, because the skates eliminate friction.
    Use F = m a to compute her acceleration, a. m = 50 kg

    a = F/m = ?

    The answer is one of the choices

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    the answer is b.0.5 m/s/s.

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