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1. It has been suggested that rotating cylinders about 11 mi long and 5.2 mi in diameter be placed in space and used as colonies. What angular speed must such a cylinder have so that the centripetal acceleration at its surface equals the free-fall acceleration on Earth?

2. If the torque required to loosen a nut that is holding a flat tire in place on a car has a magnitude of 52.0 N·m, what minimum force must be exerted by the mechanic at the end of a 37.0 cm lug wrench to accomplish the task?

3. A coordinate system (in meters) is constructed on the surface of a pool table, and three objects are placed on the table as follows: a 9.0 kg object at the origin of the coordinate system, a 10.0 kg object at (0, 2.0), and a 17.0 kg object at (4.0, 0). Find the resultant gravitational force exerted by the other two objects on the object at the origin.


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    We will be happy to critique your work after you have shown some effort.
    1. the length does not matter
    2. Torque = force * (lever arm)
    3. Compute the forces between each the origin object and each of the other two, and add them vectorially. Use Newton's universal law of gravitation

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