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1. A new religious group has formed in the city of Boulder that worships mountain peaks. The members of this group believe that the way to spiritual fulfillment is to live in public parks, worship the nearby mountains, and sell jewelry that the members make from rocks and trees found in the park. The city has forced the members to leave the parks at night due to an ordinance prohibiting overnight camping in the parks. The city has also ordered the members to stop advertising and selling their jewelry in the park to comply with a park rule prohibiting the placement of signs in the park by private individuals. The sign reads, “Buy the most sacred jewelry around. It’s also beautiful and reasonably priced. Profits help further the worship of the mountains.” In protest, the members also made T-shirts that say, “Replace the members of the city council! They are unholy and incompetent!” The city passed a resolution prohibiting persons from criticizing city officials in the city parks. The members of the group challenge the constitutionality of the city’s actions under equal protection, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. Discuss the arguments each side would raise under each of the challenged actions of the city. Make sure to comment on each of the constitutional issues raised by the group. Will this resolution withstand the challenge?


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