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A garage wishes to analyse the costs of servicing its range of cars. The costs of servicing cars over the past month are shown.

250 200 375 394 415 405 340 365 417 400
336 245 280 442 422 460 300 405 417 435
193 275 355 225 318 375 390 149 390 468
390 345 95 355 525 575 400 413 312 570
350 411 148 395 380 175 125 198 370 433


(a) How might this data have been collected and recorded?
(b) By choosing suitable class intervals, calculate the mean servicing cost.
(c) What other measures of dispersion could have been used to analyse the above data? Discuss the relative merits of each method.

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    If you tried to copy and paste your assignment, clearly it didn't work. You'll need to type it all in by hand.

    Please repost, without trying to copy and paste.



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