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Is there anything wrong with this?

¿Hola el amigo, cómo es usted? Tengo una familia maravillosa. Tengo dos hermanos y una hermana. Mis hermanos son veintiséis y treinta. Mi hermana es veintisiete. Im solamente dieciocho son tan más viejos. Tengo dos tíos y ningunas tías. Mi tío preferido es tío Eric, él es muy divertido. Tío Eric tiene un hijo, mi solamente primo. Colgamos hacia fuera en los juegos video de la alameda y del juego.

Hi friend, how are you? I have a wonderful family. I have two brothers and one sister. My brothers are twenty six and thirty. My sister is twenty seven. Im only eighteen so they are older. I have two uncles and no aunts. My favorite uncle is uncle Eric, he is very funny. Uncle Eric has one son, my only cousin. We hang out at the mall and play video games.

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    NO! This is perfect!

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    No, not PERFECT. Have another look.
    If it says ¿cómo es usted? it is NOT asking how are you but "what are you like?" (tall, thin, etc.) Mis hermanos TIENEN (tener with age) veintiséis, etc. Mi hermana TIENE veintisiets. Im must be "Yo solamente tengo dieciosho = ? What is this "son tan más viejos" = definitely an error. If you have no aunt, it is usually singular = No tengo ninguna tía. After Eric, you need a semicolon or you will have a run-on sentence with the comma. Mi only cousin = Mi único primo. The last sentence is most incorrect. We "hang out" is slang, and not colgar.

    First of all, are you trying to go from English to Spanish? In that case, you should say so and provide the English of what you are trying to say. There is quite a bit wrong with the Spanish so please state clearly what you are attempting to do.


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