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Which of the following is an example of a Homogeneous mixture?

a. the hydrogen and oxygen atoms that make up water
b. A typical soil sample
c. a bottle of table vinegar

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    Personally, I think the choices are not good.
    a. The hydrogen ATOMS and oxygen ATOMS of the elements are homogeneous but they are not mixtures and if they reacted to form water, then a compound, not a mixture, has been formed.
    2. What is a typical soil sample? Is it a core sample from 100 feet deep in the earth, a sample from the top of the ground in New York, Louisiana, Texas (all of those would be different) or something different. Too vague in my opinion.
    c. A solution (vinegar is a solution)is a homogeneous mixture. I'm sure this is the correct answer to the question; however, I disagree with this on technical grounds, also. If you are talking about white vinegar, that is a homogeneous mixture. If you are talking about vinegar made from apple or other fruits, it is a homogeneous mixture if it is fresh but a few days after opening, you will see some "mother liquor" floating around and then it is not homogeneous.
    I hope I've not confused you.

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