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The population of the three species is shown below.

Species Population Male Female
Bullfrog 30% 60% 40%
SpringPeeper 50% 55% 45%
Mink Frog 20% 52% 48%

Determine the probability that the first two frogs captured are

a) bullfrogs b) female bullfrogs
c) females of any species
d) frogs that are not spring peepers

Then design a stimulation that will allow you to construct a probability distribution for the number of bull frogs in a sample of 30 frogs. Use it to predict the probability that the sample will have eight or more bullfrogs.

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    Either-or probability is found by adding the individual probabilities. When you are concerned with the probability that all/both the events would occur, you multiply the individual probabilities.

    I will demonstrate with b.

    Probability of getting a female bullfrog is .3 * .4 = .12. For the second, it is the same, so the probablity for both is .12 * .12 = .0144.

    This should get you started. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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