Need some ideas.... for a Pre-K class

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I am teaching a Pre-K class this summer and the theme for the next two weeks is Community History. What could I all my pre-k class to do that connects to this theme?

I thought of helping them to construct houses or certain buildings using boxes and also make a large copy of a map of their community so that they can become familiar with where they live.

Any other ideas???

  • Need some ideas.... for a Pre-K class -

    Your ideas are good, but they may be beyond the capabilities of pre-K kids.

    To start, you could dress up in an old-fashioned dress for one day -- and then discuss how people dressed a long time ago.

    Some children played with homemade corncob dolls. Perhaps you could get a bunch of corncobs and help them make their own dolls with bits of fabric and markers.

    A short walk around town, looking at and discussing a few of the old buildings would also help reinforce your community history.

    If you could find pictures of your town for the kids to color would be great. However, I'm sure, though, you could find some pictures of historic people and buildings for the kids to color.

    Here's another idea. Ask a senior citizen (a retired teacher?) to come in and tell the kids the "way it used to be."

    Have fun with this theme! :-)

  • Need some ideas.... for a Pre-K class -

    You could also do "The Hokey Pokey" with the children. Rhythm and games are always a winner with children.

  • Need some ideas.... for a Pre-K class -

    Make ginger bread houses and let them decorate the ginger bread houses

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