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i do not get this question at all and if u could help it'd be a real HUGE help.

solve these equations (sorry i do not have the symbols so i will just write the words out. sorry again for any inconveniance. ):

time= 2pi x squareroot of length/gravity

....i know it my seem very confusing and u might not get it at all, but i appreciate ANY help i can get.
thanks again!

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    What do you want the equation solved FOR? It now is solved for time but it can be solved for length (or gravity?).

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    actually to be honest, im not really sure. this is my first time to take physics and i didn't really understand what the teacher meant, but she gave us two different equations the one i posted already and another one that was basically the same thing but u just have to switch length and gravity and make it gravity-over-length.

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    You're right. It is confusing if we don't know the question.

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