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This conversation took place at a local drugstore between Alicia (a customer) and Francine (who works in the store). Keep in mind that Alicia and Francine never really talk to another when Alicia comes into the store

Francine: “Why do you use this vitamin”
Alicia: “To stop the deficiency”
Francine: “Did you gain weight”
Alicia: “Why do I look fat”
Francine: “No before you were too thin now you are perfect”
However, this did not satisfy Alicia so she kept calling and writing letters to Francine and pestering her and asking Francine if Francine thought Alicia is thin .

Francine: “This letter writing and calling has got to stop”
Alicia: “Just think about answering”
Francine: “Maybe”
Alicia: “Just answer one question - do you think I am thin”
Francine: “No” (but she said this in anger)
Alicia: “Who do you think is thin”
Francine: “Me” (Francine is about 25 pounds overweight)
Alicia: “Well about a week ago I went to my doctor and he offered me candy and I told him I don’t like candy and he said Alicia no wonder you are thin”
Francine: “I am thin, you are not” (she said this in anger as well)
Alicia: “Francine you are ___”
Francine cut her off and said: “GO ahead and say it”
Alicia: “Francine you are not thin”

Alicia called a friend and told the friend the story and the friend said “(1) Francine had to say you were not thin because she had to say something nasty to get rid of you because you were pestering her and writing letters to her; (2) and Francine knows you are thin, just look in the mirror; (3) and all she meant was that before you were too thin but you are still thin”

My question: Do you agree with Alicia’s friend - give details?

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    I don't think someone can really decide your opinion for you. Sorry.

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