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foundation of ht ecriminal justice system

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the crime control model and the due process model.
Which aspect of the system do you believe is more effective

  • foundation of ht ecriminal justice system -

    The question is asking what YOU BELIEVE is more effective.

    First you need to make sure you are clear on the terminology; you can look up these terms online --

    Then read widely and draw your conclusions. If you want comments on your ideas once you've written them up, please feel free to re-post.


  • foundation of ht ecriminal justice system -

    I looked up one of the terms in Google and found that most of the sites offer papers for sale. I immediately clicked out of the first site because it had a grammatical error in the first two lines. I'm suspicious of the accuracy of any site that isn't proofread very carefully.

    However, this site should be a great help to you. As Writeacher said, you'll need to make up YOUR mind as to the most effective model.,articleId-9911.html

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