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Should United States government policy favor certain kinds of immigrants.

Immigration policy in the United States deals with people that are entering the country; especially, those who plan to work and remain illegally. In essence, when it comes to the issue of immigration, it is really difficult to admit that the United States Government policy favors certain kinds of people. Although, immigration policies of a country can range from no migration or accepting most types of migration. In the United States, immigration policy should serve the national interest of the country, but not the interest of a group or an individual. As a result, people agree that the United States Government should not allow everyone in the world immigrate to this country. Although, this is the land of opportunity; there is a limit to the numbers of people the country can successfully absorb.

  • eth- please revise -

    Rose -- you didn't answer the questions!

    Where are YOUR answers to the assigned questions???

    You're supposed to decide which groups should be given preference in the U.S. immigration policies.

    You might want to choose two groups and recommend that they both get preferential treatment, while also admitting smaller numbers of the other groups.

    Please keep working on your answers -- and I'll check back with you tomorrow.

  • eth- please revise -

    Ms Sue,

    I have to do this for tonight.

  • eth- please revise -


    When they say favor certain kinds of immigrants, this could mean illegal, refugees, working, educated, etc. Do you think any of these groups deserve a better chance to get in? Start with yes, or no, and go from there. You will have your body and ending sentences. Then you make a short introduction like you have there.

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