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Thanks SraJMcGin for replying. For some reason the second half of my post never appeared; my computer was having issues with this site for some reason earlier today. What I meant more specifically was different methods of preparations for food (grilled, baked, fried, boiled, frozen, spicy, creamy and mild). I'd use an online translator, but in the past I have gotten innaccurate answers from them. Merci beaucoup!

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    Salut! If you tried to "cut and paste" it rarely works here. You have to type everything out.

    Yes, translators NEVER work well! They can not get the "nuances" of a language. When you use a dictionary, here is a format to use:
    1. take the English word, look up the French and write down EVERY possibility.
    2. take EACH French word and look up the primary meaning in English.
    3. now, select the correct word, carefully, depending upon the context, or exactly how the word is used.

    There is actually no shortcut for translating. Only by practicing, can you learn what is best.

    Remember that I'm going to give you adjectives, so be sure you have the correct gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) to match the noun(s) modified.

    grilled = grillé
    baked = cuit au four
    fried = frit
    boiled = bouilli
    frozen = surgelé
    spicy = ´ épicé OR piquant (depending)
    creamy = crémeux (-euse)
    mild = doux (douce)


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    P.S. Some other vocabulary words you didn't ask for but might like:

    braised = braisé
    raw = cru
    steamed (fish, for example) = à l'étouffée
    stuffed = farci
    smoked = fumé
    in juices = au jus
    marinated = mariné
    simmered, slow-cooked = mijoté
    poached = persillé
    poached = poché
    mashed, pureed = en purée
    stewed = en ragoût
    grated = râpé
    roast(ed) = rôti
    sauteed = sauté


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